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Membership sits at the core of Nittany Co-Op – it’s what sets us apart from other entities and it is what you are proud of being a part of. As a member, every time you utilize the Co-Op whether as a Member Organization or as a Co-Op Club Cardholder, you are preserving revenue for your organization as well as providing support to the Co-Op to offer more savings and benefits.

As a member-owned not-for-profit organization ourselves, our bottom line is dedicated to you, the members.

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Member Organizations:

Any organization acting in a not-for-profit or tax-exempt capacity and their members are eligible for a Nittany Co-op membership.  Some common areas our membership encompasses are; athletics, arts & culture, community service, education, environment, faith-based, Greek, leisure & recreation, retirement, professional, veteran, youth and many more.

If you have any questions about your potential eligibility as a Co-Op member, please contact Nittany Co-Op at (814) 237-8800 or email us at

Member Organization Benefits

Discounts Discounts, Discounts

The buying leverage of the 100+ Member Organizations in the Co-Op allows them to purchase virtually anything they need at a discounted rate not available to the average organization. Additionally, all of our Vendors are vetted and approved by our team at the Co-Op to ensure the highest quality and service. Acting as a single entity, the collective group of Nittany Co-Op can garner more support and savings compared to an organization being viewed on an individual basis.

Bill Consolidation

Why waste precious time going through a multitude of bills each month? In extending a line of credit to our members, we consolidate all of your Co-Op expenses so you only have to pay ONE BILL each month saving you valuable time and effort. This process simplifies the workload for those responsible for managing the finances and eliminates the hassle of doing individual reimbursements for personal expenditures. In addition, we also increase transparency for the organization as we provide a shared link giving access to monthly statements and the original copies of invoices to any officer identified.

Promotion of your Organization

The Co-Op is strategically positioned in the middle of various local entities and we can connect people together that may not normally associate with each other. Does your organization need volunteer assistance? Does your organization have manpower to lend for community service projects? Are you hosting a local philanthropic event that you would like to promote? The Co-Op can help bring the local community together by understanding the needs and capabilities of our Members.

Fundraising Opportunities

The Co-Op Club Card offers Member Organizations a low risk, high reward fundraising opportunity to help generate more revenue. Organizations would directly sell the Club Card to individuals in the local community and make 50% of the proceeds. To learn more details, check out the Club Card section or contact us.

Operational Consulting

We can offer you experienced and proven tactics to help in the areas of Event Planning, Property Management, Member Relations Management, Accounting, By-Law Development, Fundraising, and other overlooked operational aspects. We work closely with our Vendors to develop best practices and ensure stability in a high officer turnover environment. In helping your organization perform to its fullest potential, it only betters the community we live in.

Ownership in the Co-Op

As a nonprofit purchasing cooperative, all Member Organizations develop and maintain ownership equity as they are the official shareholders. Our Board of Directors represents all aspects of our constituents to ensure Nittany Co-Op operates to successfully support them.

Membership Costs

It's FREE to be a Member Organization as long as eligibility is met.

That’s it!

Join Now as a Member Organization

In getting set up as a Member Organization, it is more of a personal process as we are establishing a line of credit for your organization as well as creating a relationship that can be strengthened with each successive transition of officers. We want to learn more about how we can be of assistance as well as share the best practices we have developed working with various organizations on a wide range of goods and services. The initial processing of your membership is a streamlined approach though, to allow your organization to use their Nittany Co-Op Membership instantaneously. Please see the details below on setting up a Co-Op Member Organization account.

1) Agree to terms in the Member Organization Agreement

2) Schedule a time (30-45 minutes) for organization officers to meet with Co-Op Director and Controller who will handle the following:

  • Explain in more detail how everything works; including discounts, purchasing and bill payment
  • Fill out officer contact form
  • Setup officers with Purchasing Cards and authorized purchasing capabilities
  • Setup and educate officers on the online viewing platform for statements and invoices
  • Provide any initial resources and assistance needed

3) Start using your Co-Op Membership and reap the benefits!!!

If interested in starting the process or you have questions, please use the form below to contact us.

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Supporting Your Community

Membership means being part of our local community. A portion of all revenues is specifically dedicated to funding local projects. Our Board of Directors is active in helping others and the avenues for doing so will grow significantly as Nittany Co-Op grows.

You can play a more hands-on role in helping our community too if you like. There are local events run by our members that we can help you get involved with; alternatively you can organize your own group or event that we may be able to provide assistance with.

Having Your Say

Because we are owned by our members, you have a say in how the Co-Op is run at our annual stakeholder meeting as well as through the multiple feedback requests each year. You can help shape the way Nittany Co-Op does business and how we help the local community. We are always open to new ideas and would like to hear what you have to say.

So, if you share our values and principles, why not come join us?
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